Panama City Beach Pier Fishing

Beach-Pier Fishing

Panama City Beach offers well over 20 miles of shoreline for you to select a spot to cast a line out in the Surf or to choose one of the local piers to drop a line.  At Florida Watersports we carry everything you need for Pier Fishing or hitting the beach, including rods & reels, tackle, coolers, beach carts, and bait.
No Boat?  No Problem...
There's still big fish to catch!  Fishing along our shoreline at anytime of year offers just about anyone the opportunity to land a big one without the use of a boat. Get a line in the surf and you might find Flounder, Pompano, Redfish, Whiting, or Bonito just to name a few.


Beach Fishing

What you need to fish from the Beach. Choose a Rod and Reel.  We offer a great selection of rods, reels and combo’s to accommodate the beginner as well as the seasoned surf fisherman.

Rods– The basics apply here and you can use everything from a light rod up to a 12′ surf rod, it would all depend on what kind of fish you are targeting and how far from the shore you intend to cast. A long rod will really get you out there.  In general an 8′ or 9′ rod will provide you the ability to get your line in the fish zone along the beach and would be a great choice to also fish from the piers.
Reels – Once you have selected a rod, we recommend a matching spinning reel. Use of a conventional (level-wind) reel or bait casting reel also will work. Conventional style reels take some practice to cast, but are a great choice for simply dropping your line from the pier can work well for both .  Come on in to see us and we can get you matched up with the gear you need!

Surf Fishing Rigs, Lures, and Bait
We carry a wide variety of gear to assemble your surf fishing rigs at Florida Watersports.  Do check out our tackle section for all the lures, jigs, weights, hooks, leader, swivels, and bait choices.

Surf Rigs
Without question the rig shown below is the easiest to start with, commonly known as the Fish Finder Rig, it is the basic set up that will yield results while fishing the surf.  There are countless other methods to set up your terminal gear and you will want to experiment as you go depending on conditions and location.

Fish Finder Rig

Beach Essentials
Our sunshine here is relentless so in order to have a great day on the beach going after the the fish, Don’t forget to pick up a beach umbrella, beach chair, plenty of sunscreen (you will get fried without it), Sunglasses, or other necessities from our beach supplies section.
A little shade is good, a place to sit in the shade… even better!


Pier Fishing

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Fishn Mate Pier Fishing - Beach Cart

Pier Fishing Cart

A quality cart to get your gear, cooler and supplies to the end of the Pier or on the beach.
See Fishing Accessories.
Yeti Cooler -Pier Fishing Cart

Get a Quality Cooler

It always helps to have a quality cooler that fits your cart to both preserve your supplies as well as your catch!  See Coolers
Fishing Accessories - Pier Net

Extras you will Need

Have a way to retrieve your fish on the pier, get a Live bait bucket, and bring a chair!
See Fishing Accessories.